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P. Bot – Manager SAP Competence Center – PostNL

I have worked with Paul Vermeulen for many years at PostNL (formerly TNT Post). He has worked on several projects and as a line manager for the PostNL SAP Competence Center. Paul has always delivered outstanding results and I have learned to know Paul as a very responsible and highly productive consultant. Paul is able to work productively both with business users as well as IT consultants. All projects Paul has worked on have been completed successfully. Within PostNL Paul is appreciated for his personal skills as well as his expert knowledge. I can surely recommend Paul to work with.


Derry Newman – Former Senior VP Sony Europe/ Managing Director Sony Uk Ltd

Paul Vermeulen directly reported to me in the period September 1996 to June 2002 as an employee of Sony Europa B.V. Paul made an impressive career development in the company. Back in 1996 Paul was part of my team as manager supply chain for Sony Broadcast & Professional Europe. Since then, Paul, myself and others embarked on a supply chain improvement program that covered product and information flows from suppliers in mainly Asia to the customers in Europe, Middle East and Africa. During that period, the company could streamline its supply chain resulting in significantly reduced stock levels (80%), improved service levels (20%) and reduced operating costs (50%). In those years Paul enhanced his career step by step and eventually headed the entire supply chain operations as General Manager. At the end of 2002, Paul transferred to Consumer Electronics Division of Sony Europe and took the position Director Supply Chain Management. In his last assignment, Paul was responsible for launching and implementing a large Supply Chain Program. His key responsibilities in 1996 ~ 2002: Creation of Supply Chain Operations Platform including European Distribution Centre Manage the entire supply chain from source to end customer Business project manager rolling out SAP R/3 to nine European sales organisations Over time Paul has developed and enhanced a set of valuable skills. Those which were instrumental during the large change projects we undertook were: leadership, management by example and drive to deliver results. His project and change management techniques reached a high standard through the various projects, which involved people from various countries, organisations and ranks. I would sincerely like to wish Paul all the best for the future, in business as well as in his private life. I would not hesitate to recommend him.


V. Verloop – SAP Security & GRC Consultant

 I met Paul in September 2009 where he became our project manager for a SAP Information Security Project. With no SAP Security background whatsoever Paul proved to be a knowledgeable and respected leader. He has a very steep learning curve and quickly came up to speed with the technical details. His methods for creating transparency, structure and direction were just what we needed. To this day I still use some of his “day planning” methods, which helps me focus on goals. It was an honor to work with Paul and I learned a great deal form him, especially how to organize, give structure and how to communicate more effectively. I would not hesitate to recommend him.



Vincent Snoeren – General Manager Operations Sony Europe

Paul is a well experienced and very organised person that well understands all aspects of Supply Chain and Logistics Management. He has detailed business knowledge and on top does understand the IT related matters. He is a perfect manager applying his management skills well balanced. He has an eye for detail without losing track of the total picture, goal, time frame etc. Any project I have done with him, ran perfect straight from the start till implementation. I have worked with Paul for many years with greatest pleasure and have learned a lot from him.


J. Workum – Business Analyst and Lean Six Sigma Black Belt – PostNL

Paul is great! He's a true leader who developes new leaders. He's fair, friendly and manages to aim the departments goals and responsibilities in a short time. Even though he worked as an interim for us, he was like one of us.


Maarten van Welsem - Senior Manager Eurogroup Consulting

Paul is a very good program/project manager with not only attention for progress but also for contents. Certainly in supply chain management he is very experienced.


Frank van der Gevel - Former Owner Gevelco Logistics/ Now Director Europeak Ltd.

Paul has successfully conducted a business model analysis for Gevelco DistriPort. The recommendations based on this analysis formed the fundament for a renewed and better organizational structure and a successful improvement program that helped us in the development of the company.


Paul Meerbeek - Lead SAP HRM Consultant PostNL

Paul is een toegewijde manager die oog heeft voor zowel medewerkers als zakelijke belangen. Hij weet goed te navigeren in complexe omgevingen en projecten tot een goed eind te brengen.


Bart Ynzonides - Eigenaar ITficient Associate - Interim Management Consultancy

I have worked closely together with Paul on a six month during project in a complex environment at PostNL. He showed great project leadership, made clear guidelines for the team, empowered others and was not afraid to take decisions. These ingredients were the basis for the success of the project. Besides this, he is also a people oriented person so it is also a great pleasure to work with.


Dolores Ambrosio - Senior Demand & Supply Chain Manager

I had the opportunity to work and cooperate with Paul when he was Supply Chain Director at Sony. At that time there were ongoing several SAP Supply Chain Projects. I experienced Paul as a Project Leader and Manager that accomplished the required Personal, Technical and Management skills to lead a project to succeed, Independently of the challenges and the impediment that the project could present, he kept
positive, resilient, flexible. I can say he excels in working under pressure. He was diligent, and he always led a good project and execution plan.


Ronald Meliëzer - Former Manager SAP CC PostNL/ Now Application & Systems Architect at North Star Alliance

Finishes where he commits himself to. Makes good and realistic calculations. Has very good overview, insight and expertise on combi it&logistics. But is fast in developing knowledge in whichever field you ask him.


Marc Kip - Senior Consultant SAP NetWeaver at HMB NEDERLAND B.V.


Paul is very pleasant and honest person. Dedicated professional. I have worked with him on various projects within PostNL (former TNT Post).For example, we were both engaged on a SAP landscape re-design project.

He is capable in managing project teams covering various subjects. Can lead architectural discussions. During project execution his management style is more consensus seeking without losing focus than enforcing conflicts. Although a focus onwards SAP (logistics) he is certainly not limited to that topic.



Dave Tan - Former General Manager Sony/ Now Assistant Managing Director at GP Acoustics GmbH

I had the privilege of working for Paul for a period of almost 2 years in 2003-2004. It was indeed a great privilege to have worked with Paul, whom I consider as one of the few bosses whom I look up to. Paul has great vision, clear directions and is extremely meticulous. As a project manager, one would not be able to find many better than Paul.



Antony Lovell - Former Supply Chain Analyst Sony/ Now Senior Director, Center of Excellence at Steelwedge Software, Inc.

Paul was part of the dream team that revolutionized Sony BPEs supply chain. The team instigated and managed moving from 14 European warehouses to 1, from sea freight to airfreight, and from Make to Stock to Make to Order strategies, realizing an 80% decrease in inventory while sales doubled and service levels improved. Paul is strategic, pragmatic, and a great leader of people.


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